Articles Censored or Deleted by Tony Ortega and VMG

During his tenure at The Village Voice as editor-in-chief from 2007 to 2012, as well as during his latter days at New Times Broward-Palm Beach previously, Tony Ortega had at his disposal nearly unfettered access to New Times Media’s (now known as Voice Media Group) corporate lawyers. This granted him editorial privileges and freedoms that were closed to him before, such as the freedom to commit  baseless, unprovoked slander and defamation against private individuals without fear of legal retaliation. With his bosses attorneys watching his back, any such lawsuits could be easily and swiftly defended against without forcing him to reach into his meager pocketbook or beg his mother and girlfriend to help pay for hefty lawyer fees. It all began with the grotesquely bizarre tale of David Bruce McMahan, whom Ortega had targeted for ruination.

It was during this period that a number of news articles and investigative reports critical of Tony Ortega’s involvement in the sex and human trafficking trade were suppressed and ultimately deleted from the Web under the threat of legal action by VMG.

I have been actively seeking these out and will place what I am able to find on this site. If you have any copies or archived versions of news items or other such material that were removed under legal pressure from VMG or by Tony Ortega personally, please forward them or any leads you may have to scientologycritics AT zoho DOT com.

Thank you.


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