My name is Killian Rhys Davies Tyme. I’m an ordinary Scientologist calling out anti-Scientology extremists on their bigotry and hatred. Truth is a two-way street and what goes around, comes around. I’ve always lived my life on my own terms and I’ve always thought for myself. My aim is to both debunk the lies, innuendo and hyperbole of anti-Scientology extremists and introduce those who aren’t Scientologists to this incredible religion and philosophy through the eyes of one individual parishioner.

My views and opinions are solely my own as a public Scientologist and Church parishioner, and do not represent those of the Church of Scientology or any other Scientology organization, nor have I ever worked for the Church in any capacity, not even as a field staff member. Everything you’re reading here is purely from myself, uncensored and unedited by any higher authority, religious or otherwise. I have not been asked to present this website or the material therein by anyone. This is simply the work of one individual working on his own toward the cause of universal justice and human rights.

Curious about Scientology? Forget the manufactured sensationalism of the mainstream and tabloid media. They are hopelessly clueless. Learn about it from the source.

And if you really believe you can “think for yourself” and “think differently,” yet accept at face value all the myths and absurdities that both mainstream and tabloid media often spread about Scientology and Scientologists, listen to what Noam Chomsky has to say about independent thought and being unreasonable in the face of authoritarian attempts to instill obedience through propaganda and psychiatric drugging.

Please note that this website is still very much in the development stage, so more information and content will be forthcoming.

Follow me on Twitter @getscientology, Facebook at https://facebook.com/scientologycritics and Google+ at http://gplus.to/scientologycritics.

I can also be reached by email at scientologycritics AT zoho DOT com. Please feel at ease to share with me your love or your hate or should you feel so inclined, even simply your absolute indifference and apathy at the fatalistic catastrophe that is your daily existence. Really.

All are welcome.

L. Ron Hubbard, a human being who chose to dedicate his life to an extraordinary goal: freedom and justice for humanity.

L. Ron Hubbard, a human being who chose to dedicate his life to an extraordinary goal: freedom and justice for humanity. Learn more about L. Ron Hubbard and why he embarked upon the path that led to the development of Dianetics and Scientology.


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