Angela Merkel and the authoritarian German state surveillance and persecution of Scientologists

Angela Merkel and Benjamin Netanyahu -- two faces of fascism and tyranny standing together, united against religious freedom and human rights.

Angela Merkel and Benjamin Netanyahu — two warmongering faces of fascism and tyranny standing together, united against religious freedom and human rights.

The New York Times reported today that Germany has dropped a formal investigation into allegations that an unnamed United States intelligence agency had been eavesdropping on one of German Chancellor Angel Merkel’s cellphones.

The allegations included claims that the United States may have been spying on Merkel and possibly other German political figures and power players since at least 2002, even going so far as to suggest that Germany’s own foreign intelligence service may have been complicit in such operations.

The response from the German political establishment since these allegations first came to light in the wake of confidential intelligence documents leaked by whistleblower Edward Snowden in June 2013 has been one of unmitigated outrage and accusations of authoritarianism and violations of human rights against German politicians by its American allies.

However, there is a distinct air of hypocrisy in Merkel and other German government officials condemning the United States for its alleged mass surveillance operations of governments in Germany and other key NATO allies, considering the fact that the German government itself and its widespread domestic surveillance regime have been illegally maintaining close surveillance of each and every single Scientologist in that country throughout the long tenure of Helmut Kohl, the former German chancellor who held office from 1982 to 1998. It is not without great irony that both Merkel and Kohl belong to the authoritarian Christian Democratic Union, a rightist political party that has been controlled by former Nazi officials since its founding.

Over the years, Germany’s virulent persecution and harassment of Scientologists and anyone even remotely perceived to be affiliated with the Church of Scientology has only grown worse, with several colossally unsuccessful and catastrophic efforts since the 1990s to ban Scientology outright, a move which has been consistently failed each and every time due to lack of any evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the Church and its parishioners.

In spite of this, Scientologists—regardless of their level of participation, or even lack thereof—are expressly prohibited by law from working in any capacity for German government institutions, the police, and the military. German Scientologists are unable to enter certain professions in the private sector, such as medicine and law. They are also banned from joining most political parties. Imagine, if you would, being unable to become a doctor or lawyer in the United States simply because you happened to be Muslim, Buddhist or Hindu. And this is only the tip of the iceberg—Scientologists in Germany are often ineligible for or outright denied student loans, mortgages, and even the ability to open a simple checking or savings account. The level of persecution against German Scientologists is such that the German political and media establishments have been continually condemned by international and continental bodies such as the United Nations and European Court of Human Rights, as well as by the United States government itself.

The government of Angela Merkel has been particularly aggressive in recent years in its attempts to finish the job that was started by Helmut Kohl years ago. That they continue to fail in this crusade is a testament to the fact that enough justice and sanity still exists to prevent these authoritarian psychopaths from ever achieving their extremist goals,  and this is in spite of controversial polls held every couple of years that always claim over 70% of Germans agree that Scientology is not a religion and should be banned.

Angela Merkel has done what few in the postwar Federal Republic of Germany have been able to achieve: the ultimate fulfillment of the Nazi dream of continental European domination. She has successfully destroyed the Greek economy, driving the once prosperous country toward third world debt and deprivation, with other EU states quickly following Greece into economic and cultural oblivion, in particular its Southern European neighbors and newer EU entrants from the former East Bloc and Yugoslavia. The situation for Greece has been so horribly bad that for the first time in its history, Turkey has not only achieved economic superiority, but also a significantly higher standard of living and lower costs for the average working class citizen and an incredibly more stable middle class in comparison, far outpacing its centuries-old archrival. Merkel’s destructive policies have been so catastrophic to the stability of the world order that she has been referred to as the single greatest threat to global peace and prosperity.

It is often said that “what goes around, comes around.” Indeed, just as the ghost of its Nazi past refuses to die, which demonstrates how little German politicians and elites have learned since the fall of the Third Reich, the German political and media establishments continue to waste countless millions over three decades to ban Scientology and persecute Scientologists. It is little wonder then that while the Germans were distracting themselves with violating the human rights of ordinary tax-paying, law-abiding citizens, the American global intelligence apparatus was quietly establishing a covert surveillance shadow state throughout Germany and the rest of Europe.

This should come as no surprise to anyone, least of all to Germany itself. Like her extremist warmongering counterpart in Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu (whose regime in recent weeks has been spying upon the Iran nuclear talks), Angela Merkel has become what she has claimed to always hate: a genocidal tyrant hell bent on world destruction. For Netanyahu, this is driven by a motivation to trigger World War III and a nuclear holocaust. For Merkel, it is through economic and cultural devastation, and the scapegoating of minorities in the quest for global domination. As they both complement each other perfectly, the road they walk together ends at the same final destination: oblivion.